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Hydropol® - a special compound material

The material Hydropol®, developed by framag, was originally used in machine tool construction for its excellent damping properties. Hydropol® has now also proven itself as a material for base frames and test benches.

The base frames produced by framag, also known as T-slot fields, are used in a wide array of industries. Hydropol® components put their full array of properties on display wherever vibration must be prevented. framag base plates are thus also employed in research and development for Formula 1, the pinnacle of motor sports.

The base frames are used for precise machining and measuring at research facilities and automobile manufacturers, as well as for load test rigs for machine tools.

Our base frames form the base for test benches on which all types of drives and more are tested. Requirements for measuring accuracy constantly increase, so test benches must also become ever more accurate. The filling material Hydropol® is up to these demands, since it has very high damping properties and high mass, thus minimizing vibration. Depending on need, these components can be manufactured of conventional or high-strength steel, as well as stainless steel. Apertures for channels, such as for extraction systems, hoses, energy, refrigerant, etc., can also be incorporated. Smaller frames and sub-frames are also produced in the Hydropol method, serving as holders for objects on the test bench. The dimensions and number of base frames have no upper limit – components of more than 100m² have recently been supplied.

framag has been performing calculations with the finite-element approach for years. Dynamic calculations are conducted particularly with regard to test benches and base frames. These include modal analysis to determine natural frequencies and swing molds. Secondary insulation as well as decoupling via air or steel springs can also be taken into account. The drives and test objects on the test bench make the test bench oscillate. Dynamic frequency analyses are performed to determine the generated vibration displacements, speeds and accelerations. This ensures that vibration speeds on the base frame remain within approved parameters.

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"We are a modern high-tech company and our customers demand high accuracy from us. In order to meet these demands we need highly qualified employees. From engineering and cutting to metalworkers, welders, fitters, stock removal and assembly, the work is always precise", said Mr Haas, CEO of framag. "Together we will continue to impress our customers with tailored solutions, engineered and made by framag, and steadily pursue our growth strategy!”

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When we talk about solutions, we also approach our various tasks as an important challenge: Identification with the goals of our clients, an understanding of international market conditions and performance in the application technology. We take the extra step to be close to our customers.

This is why framag is the partner for customer-oriented solutions in saw- and flame-cutting technology, or when vibrations must be damped at their point of origin. Our know-how lets us guarantee long-term performance!

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