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Thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde relies on saw technology from framag

KKS 1600 Thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde GmbH

The requirements of thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde GmbH for the saw manufacturer from Frankenburg were clear: An old sawing system had to be replaced and the new saw needed to be integrated in the existing production line. The goal was to achieve a high level of process reliability and a good cutting result on quenched and tempered steels (e.g. 42CrMo4) and construction steels.


Using state-of-the-art technology, the colleagues at framag engineered a KKS 1600 cold circular saw that cuts round materials with a diameter up to 600 mm and a length of 6,000 – 10,000 mm precisely and reliably up to a maximum weight of 23 to (out-of-roundness up to 1.5 %). A special 3-point clamping device, combined with a table height adjustment system, supports the material optimally during cutting.


The newly developed hydraulic saw blade damping patented by framag improves the smooth running of the saw blade, which also has a positive effect on the service life of the saw blade. The cut becomes more even overall, with a minimal cut gap.


"framag is a competent partner. The communication in the project phase was very good and all our requirements were met to our complete satisfaction. The installation and commissioning were also carried out extremely professionally. The agreed acceptance criteria were met without any problems", says a delighted H. Tschich (Dr. Ing.) from thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde GmbH.

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Dillinger relies on state-of-the-art flame-cutting technology

Dillinger Hütte

The requirements of Dillinger Hüttenwerke (Dillinger) for framag were clear: A CNC flame-cutting machine had to be designed, that was capable of longitudinal and transverse cutting, as well as contour cutting (circles, round blanks and tooth bar profiles) and trimming.


The flame-cutting machines from framag are equipped with a Siemens PLC as standard. Because BURNY controls are already in use for existing CNC machines at the customer, this control had to be integrated in the system for the CNC application.


The big challenge was to install the two control types (Siemens PLC for longitudinal and transverse cutting and BURNY for the CNC application) so that the operator can control the entire system from one operating panel and can switch between the individual controls.


With the new EVOLUTION nozzle technology from framag, we can guarantee material cost savings for the customer in advance thanks to a comparably small cut gap. The large material spreads meant that a height-adjustable and swivelling flame-cutter was required, as the slabs have to be sharpened for further processing.


Both slabs (max. cutting thickness 400 mm, max. cutting width 4000 mm, max. slab length 12000 mm) and blocks (max. cutting thickness 1000 mm, max. cutting width 2500 mm, max. slab length 6000 mm) are cut with a material temperature of up to 400 °C.

"framag is a competent partner. The communication in the project phase was very good and all our requirements were met to our complete satisfaction. The installation and commissioning were also carried out extremely professionally. The framag flame-cutting system delivers a good performance", says a delighted Peter Conrad from Dillinger in response to the successful project.


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The compact heavyweight

KKS 500 von framag

The new KKS 500 series from framag features a compact design (saw station dimensions: 2100 x 3200 x 2200 mm) and a mass of 9 tonnes, making it a heavyweight that is ideal for use in heavy industry (dust, dirt, three-shift operation) and in forging. The hydraulic pipework and the electrical cables are maintenance-free and integrated in the machine bed for the best protection from damage - a concept that has been proven over decades of use. The remaining machine components are all easily accessible and easy to maintain.


The Hydropol® designed by the framag engineering team was designed in a special type of concrete and adapted specifically for high-performance use with optimal attenuation of vibrations occurring during cutting processes. This also has a positive influence on the cutting performance. The billet support from below and the horizontal and vertical tensioning provide the ideal three-point tensioning and especially increase output for curved billet and extend tool service life. Chips are reliably deflected by guide plates to the integrated chip conveyor.


An additional benefit is the self-centring saw blade damping. With the smooth-running saw blade, the cut gap is minimised and material loss is reduced. The saw blade drive has an output of 45 kW, which enables cutting speeds of up to 400 m/min. High quantities and high machine availability are guaranteed as a result. Depending on the saw blade, the machine can be used to cut all materials ranging from non-alloy construction steels to high-alloy special steels and stainless steel.


The modular design of the machine makes it expandable and adaptable to the given requirements with infeed and outfeed periphery equipment.

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"We are a modern high-tech company and our customers demand high accuracy from us. In order to meet these demands we need highly qualified employees. From engineering and cutting to metalworkers, welders, fitters, stock removal and assembly, the work is always precise", said Mr Haas, CEO of framag. "Together we will continue to impress our customers with tailored solutions, engineered and made by framag, and steadily pursue our growth strategy!”

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When we talk about solutions, we also approach our various tasks as an important challenge: Identification with the goals of our clients, an understanding of international market conditions and performance in the application technology. We take the extra step to be close to our customers.

This is why framag is the partner for customer-oriented solutions in saw- and flame-cutting technology, or when vibrations must be damped at their point of origin. Our know-how lets us guarantee long-term performance!

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