40 Years Of Experience

we keep our promises!

1979 framag was founded as a daughter of Lenzing AG. In the beginning only machine parts where produced.


To expand the product range framag was cooperating with Messer Griesheim Germany. As a result in 1996 the field of Steel Mill Machinery was founded. Since that time framag is a strong partner for the steel industry. In 1986 framag started with the development of machine foundations to absorbe vibrations of machine tools. Stadily advancement of the construction materials leaded to a special compound material called HYDROPOL®. So framag became some well-known customers in the field of machine tool industrie.


The cooperation with Mannesmann Demag Meer Germany leaded to the development ouf big sawing machines for steel treatment. We also enlarge our engineering capacity stadily. Our technicians use 3D models for the finite-elemente-simulation process. So we can consider this results in our construction process to avoid dynamic and thermal deformations of machine parts.


framag has been owner-managed and family-owned since 1995. Maximum flexibility in customer interest and technological leadership is the top priority even after more than 40 years.


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