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Quality plays a major role in our company. Our products are characterized by excellent properties and thus create competitive advantages for our customers. In order to meet this high quality standard, we rely on the most modern means of production and comprehensive quality management. With 40 years of experience as a supplier for high-tech industries and OEMs, we know that's why it matters - and that for all milling, turning, grinding and sawing machines, special processing machines and applications in test bench technology.

The annual supplier evaluations show that our customers also value this. We can look back on a proud number of top ratings and strive to always be a reliable partner for our customers.

Holistic quality management

For us, quality does not just begin with the inspection. Already when selecting our raw materials and suppliers, we ensure compliance with high-quality standards. So we can be sure that we only use suitable materials for the manufacture of our products. Already during the construction phase, our qualified staff pays attention to the optimal design concerning the application to guarantee the best possible functionality. Since we know from experience what affects various influences have on the machine beds and components in different situations, we can advise our customers as early as the development phase of the entire machine.


manufacturing quality

Maximum precision and flawless execution - that is our claim when manufacturing the workpieces. And we keep setting ourselves new goals to become even more accurate and better so that we can continue to deliver the best solutions available on the market in the future.

Our staff is excellently trained and attaches great importance to their work. We are also happy to have this confirmed by neutral bodies: Our welders are TÜV-certified and work according to the motto "What we weld lasts - for the life of the machine".

We invest in modern production equipment and create optimal framework conditions for the production of your products. Recent purchases include

- Conditioned temperature conditions and automatic high-speed doors for machining to avoid thermal distortion
- Milling center with active vibration damping for even more precise machining
- New construction of a production and assembly hall, equipped with the most modern equipment


quality control

So that we can also provide our customers with proof of our quality, we have a large range of measuring and testing equipment ready. Our certified quality technicians measure, check and put our products through their paces before they receive our seal of quality and are shipped. An excerpt from our extensive repertoire, with which we measure and document our components in the µ range:


- 3D photogrammetry component measurement

- electronic autocollimators

- digital and analog spirit levels and angle scales

- digital height gauge

- Measuring equipment made of natural hard rock: measuring beams, parallel supports, angles, frames, plates

- certified gauge blocks

- Inside and outside micrometer

- Vernier calipers and depth calipers

- Non-destructive testing certification


Our quality technicians are well trained and undergo continuous further training in order to work at the cutting edge of technology. Among other things, the following certifications can be proven:


- Certified measurement with autocollimator

- Certified quality specialist

- Certified Quality Engineer

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