EVOLUTIONal cutting technology by framag

In 2013, Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH (SZFG) and framag reached agreement on using framag's latest technology within flame-cutting nozzles, the EVOLUTION flame cutter, in the continuous slab casting lines at Salzgitter.

The reasons for SZFG's decision to use the FCN 300 nozzle on two of the four casting lines were as follows:

  • the high process safety of the new nozzles, especially in respect of possible cutting stops or cut interruptions;
  • the extraordinarily good quality of the cut surface, raising the output of the downstream rolling lines;
  • the reduced consumption of cutting gases;
  • and the very high cutting speeds achieved, especially on the cast thicknesses of up to 350 mm produced at Salzgitter.

In addition to these benefits, the optimised design of the EVOLUTION flame-cutting nozzle has enabled the cutting clearance to be minimised, thus reducing material losses during flame cutting and increasing productivity in the continuous casting lines.

Salzgitter calculates the savings made by using the FCN 300 at several thousand euros per year. These derive in particular from the improved output and the consumption savings.

Since first using EVOLUTION FCN 300, some 2.5 million tonnes of slabs have been successfully and efficiently cut.

Dr. Peter Müller (Head of Continuous Casting Lines, SZFG) has this to say: "We needed to ensure a clean flame cut for our slabs which would both significantly improve quality assurance and reduce reworking, and for this our close cooperation with the supplier, including further development, has been both helpful and necessary."