Kreissägen für Schöller Bleckmann

Framag Sawing Technology For Schöller Bleckmann

In 2012 framag, a company supplying the latest cold circular saws for all types of steel, was commissioned by Schöller Bleckmann Oilfield Technology GmbH (SBOT) to replace the existing 2 band saws with a new, ultra-modern KKS 1000 cold circular saw.

The aim was to reduce the cutting time for the high- and ultra-high-alloyed steels to be cut at SBOT, while at the same time increasing the service life of the saw blades.

Both the price/performance ratio offered and the results achieved in previous test cuts with the material used prompted SBOT to award the contract for supplying the sawing system to framag.

The KKS 1000 is a cold circular saw suitable for a maximum diameter of the billet to be split of up to 380 mm and is capable of efficiently sawing low-alloyed to high-alloyed steels with short cycle times resulting in high productivity. The system is equipped with a saw blade with brazed teeth and an additional coating. Any slivers of material that are stuck to the saw blade are removed with a brush and the blade cooled. The complete sawing cycle, including feeding of the billets and removal of the finished cut parts, is fully automated.

During commissioning of the system in 2013 and over a period of about 6 months following that, the cutting parameters and the tooth geometry of the saw blades used were perfected such that the tools of the cold circular saws now have a service life that is roughly 200% longer than those of the previous band saws.

The newly installed cold circular saw from framag also boasts roughly 100% higher productivity than the two previous band saws combined.

The cold circular saw supplied by framag has enabled SBOT to saw the challenging material grades that are required for drill rods by suppliers to the oil industry both efficiently, cost-effectively and with a high cut quality.

Mr Ehn (Production Manager at SBOT): “The framag saw was ordered following tests which showed it to be the best saw in terms of cut quality, blade service life and automatic operation. The KKS 1000 model is used in place of three band saws. After a year of operation, the decision has proved to be the right one.”