Carriages & Slides

With the tried-and-tested vibration-damping properties of Hydropol®, Hydropol-Light® and Hydropol-Superlight® were specially developed to meet the requirements of dynamic components.

Thanks to the low specific weight of our new materials, vibrations can be damped where they occur on the machine - on the contact point between the tool and workpiece - the Tool Center Point - TCP.

The low weight also enables higher dynamics or reduces the drive power.

Hydropol-Light® and Hydropol-Superlight® can be used optimally for moving units such as carriages, slides, milling heads, crossbeams, gantries, columns etc.


Density: up to 2,500 kg/m³
Modulus of elasticity: up to 60,000 N/mm²
Pressure-resistant: up to 100 N/mm²


Density: up to 1,200 kg/m³
Modulus of elasticity: up to 12,000 N/mm²
Pressure-resistant: up to 10 N/mm²


HYDROPOL® super light is the lightest Hydropol with a density of 650 kg/m³. Due to its low specific weight, HYDROPOL® super light is particularly suited to dynamic components such as carriages, slides and bed carriages. Despite its low density, super light has high dampening values.


650 kg/m³
Modulus of elasticity approx. 5000 N/mm²


HYDROPOL® XX light was specially developed to keep the mass of moving machine parts (e.g. carriages, moving columns) as low as possible. Despite the low density, HYDROPOL® XX light has extremely high material damping. This means that vibrations are absorbed as early as the tool center point level.


220 kg/m³
Modulus of elasticity approx. 100 N/mm²


Certificated quality



Our employees are responsible for the quality of our products . The highly trained fitters and welders connect the components according to different standards .

If you want we can issue a special certificate for our welded parts.

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