ECOPOL clamping elements

Standardized. But better than any standard.

only 6 weeks delivery time

optimum vibration damping

approx. 50% CO2 savings in production

inexpensive catalog product

Individuality does not end at standardisation.

Through combining quick availability, cost efficiency and our innovative HYDROPOL® technology, we are creating a new on-demand era of our goods.

Ecopol ensures framag's accustomed quality of anti-vibration technology into a new form: standardized clamping plates, cubes and angles with awesome advantages.


framag ECOPOL Aufspannplatte

Hydropol® - composite design

HYDROPOL® is a combination of a steel casing filled with high-quality natural minerals with 7 times higher damping than steel, specially developed by framag for maximum vibration damping.

Catalogues revolutionized – and ready.

  • technigal advantage of HYDROPOL® technology
  • fast solution for short-term requirements
  • standard components, based on modular design principle
  • short lead time
    (delivery within 6 weeks incl. individual mechanical processing)
  • longitudinal / cross grooves in the range 10H12 - 28H12
  • Freely selectable distance between the grooves (t-slots)
  • item: ECO0001000 | clamping plate 1000x1000 mm
  • item: ECO0002000 | clamping plate 1500x1000 mm
  • item: ECO0003000 | clamping plate 2000x1000 mm
  • item: ECO0004000 | clamping plate 2400x1500 mm
  • item: ECO0005000 | clamping plate 3000x2000 mm
  • item: ECO0006000 | clamping plate 4100x2400 mm
  • item: ECO0007000 | clamping plate 6000x2400 mm
  • clamping cube | dimensions (l*w*h): 500*500*300 mm
  • clamping cube | dimensions (l*w*h): 600*500*300 mm
  • clamping cube | dimensions (l*w*h): 700*550*350 mm
  • clamping cube | dimensions (l*w*h): 800*550*400 mm
  • clamping cube | dimensions (l*w*h): 900*600*450 mm
  • clamping cube | dimensions (l*w*h): 1000*600*500 mm
  • clamping angle | dimensions (l*w*h): 350*350*500 mm
  • clamping angle | dimensions (l*w*h): 500*350*500 mm
  • clamping angle | dimensions (l*w*h): 500*500*1000 mm
  • clamping angle | dimensions (l*w*h): 750*500*1000 mm
  • clamping angle | dimensions (l*w*h): 800*800*1500 mm
  • clamping angle | dimensions (l*w*h): 1200*800*1500 mm
  • clamping angle | dimensions (l*w*h): 800*800*2000 mm
  • clamping angle | dimensions (l*w*h): 1500*1000*2000 mm

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Your individual solution with HYDROPOL®

Standard components do not meet your requirements and expectations? With the completely tailor-made Hydropol components, we offer the vibration damping to your specific application, from design with FEM simulation to production.
Ask now - we look forward to developing your solution together!

framag - sustainability

Responsible into the future
Sustainability is our standard

  • 50% CO2 savings in production compared to conventional cast components
  • ECOPOL® clamping elements are 100% recyclable
  • No epoxy or polyester resins in the filler material
  • No toxic gases when exposed to heat

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