HYDROPOL® machine frames / machine beds


Your adventages with HYDROPOL®

Highes precessing precision

Less tool wear = lower tool costs

Lower maintenance effort 

Lower noise emission

approx. 50% CO2 savings in production

Our innovative material for structural components

HYDROPOL® is a composite material made of steel and a special filler with excellent damping behavior and the perfekt solutione for use in machine frames. 

  • FEM Simulations for your individual component
  • Electrical equipotential bonding based on DIN VDE0113
  • High thermal capacity & thermal stability
  • Highest dynamic rigidity
  • Non-shrinking, dimensionally stable filler based on natural minerals
machine bed - Hydropol - Samag MFZ

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Machine beds & clamping elements made in hybrid-design

HYDROPOL® is a hybrid design combination specially developed by framag for vibration damping, consisting of a steel casing filled with high-quality composite materials with damping that is seven times higher than that of single steel design.

Different filler types for individual requirements

Density up to 2.500kg/m3
E-modulus up to 60.000N/mm2
Compressive strength up to 100N/mm2

Density up to 1.900kg/m3
E-modulus up to 20.000N/mm2
Compressive strength up to 30N/mm2

Density up to 1,400 kg/m3
Modulus of elasticity up to 15,000 N/mm2
Compressive strength up to 16 N/mm2

Density only approx. 800 kg/m3
E-modulus up to 4.000N/mm2
Compressive strength up to 10N/mm2

Ideal for dynamic components

Contact us and get your individual HYDROPOL® solution.

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framag - sustainability

Responsible into the future
Sustainability is our standard

  • 50% CO2 savings in production compared to conventional cast components
  • ECOPOL® clamping elements are 100% recyclable
  • No epoxy or polyester resins in the filler material
  • No toxic gases when exposed to heat

Performance in new glance by Hydropol 4.0

Consistent production and manufacturing quality is fully guaranteed with Hydropol®. We offer the option of integrating selected sensors into your Hydropol® component. In this way, we provide a complete documentation of the selected facors (temperature, vibration, etc.) available for sustainable & constant quality verification.


Hydropol additional added value - sensors in the base of your machine

  • sensor technology specified by you directly integrated in your Hydropol® component
  • evaluation of the data - in real time
  • visualization on your desired end device (HMI)
  • ensures response to changing operating conditions
  • complete documentation for easiest quality reports
Hydropol 4.0 - user interface - framag

*NEW* - ECOPOL® | Standardized clamping elements

Through compining fast availability, economy and the innovative Hydropol® design, we are creating a new era of catalog goods.

Ecopol® ensures framag's usual quality of anti-vibration technology into a new form: Standardized clamping plates, cubes and angles with awesome advantages - only 6 weeks delivery time

HYDROPOL® Machine frame/beds - vibration technology for the highest requirements

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