Rail Sawing & Drilling Machine

highest reliability

KKS 800S Schienensäge

framag's rail sawing machine has been developed for high efficiency cutting and drilling of rails especially for mass production, where high reliability and high output is required. Carbid tipped saw blades are used enabling to cut with high efficiency without coolant water, to reduce production costs and save the environment.

High performance of the machine together with increased cutting accuracy and improved life time of the saw blades are achieved by the special design of the base frame and cutting table.

In combination with the high power clamping system for the work piece and the use of framag's patented unique HYDROPOL® compound material, these components enable to perfect the damping characteristics of the whole sawing machine and therefore to improve the accuracy of the cuts. The life time of the saw blades will be extended.

machine type     material
KKS 800 SB UIC 60, A 90 and others  


carbon steel

350 to 1.500 N/mm²

  • perfect cutting quality and accuracy
  • optimized saw blade life time
  • lowest cutting costs
  • highest availability
  • unique vibration damping due to HYDROPOL® a specially compound material patented by framag
  • unique blade dampening and cooling features
  • minimized maintenance expenditures

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