Clamping Plates

made out of HYDROPOL®


Development and test procedures for new engines, drive units and gears are constantly growing with the requirements. Whether in motor racing, for series-production vehicles or in the fields of aeronautical engineering, roller bearings, generators or shipbuilding. With HYDROPOL® clamping plate fields or test stand structures, natural frequencies can be damped easily with high dynamic loads and the quality of testing is significantly improved.

The HYDROPOL® base frames are adapted according to your specific requirements and the natural frequency of the clamping plates is coordinated with the frequencies of the test specimen.

We will be happy to advise you in the planning phase, as large investments in the foundation work can often be saved with the correct use of the base frames.


Density: up to 2,500 kg/m³
Modulus of elasticity: up to 60,000 N/mm²
Pressure-resistant: up to 100 N/mm²


Density: up to 1,200 kg - 1,600 kg/m³
Modulus of elasticity: up to 15,000 N/mm²
Pressure-resistant: up to 20 N/mm²


HYDROPOL® super light is the lightest Hydropol with a density of 650 kg/m³. Due to its low specific weight, HYDROPOL® super light is particularly suited to dynamic components such as carriages, slides and bed carriages. Despite its low density, super light has high dampening values.


650 kg/m³
Modulus of elasticity approx. 5000 N/mm²

Certificated quality



Our employees are responsible for the quality of our products . The highly trained fitters and welders connect the components according to different standards .

If you want we can issue a special certificate for our welded parts.

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