Special compound material

HYDROPOL® - Special compound material

with special damping properties


HYDROPOL® is a combination of steel casing filled with special compound material developed by framag.

  • Adaptation options with different recipes
  • Finite element simulation software for optimizing the properties (damping versus stiffness)
  • Flexibility, as the components can be changed at any time
  • Integration of stainless steel plates offers protection from corrosion where necessary
  • Temperature stable via heating and cooling lines, which means that the warm-up phase is no longer required
  • HYDROPOL® has a better thermal stability and larger thermal capacities than conventional materials
  • Damping via the robust and vibration-optimized construction
  • Tool wear is reduced by 15 - 20 %
  • Surface quality is improved through reduced machine vibrations
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (HYDROPOL® machine frames are CE-compliant and therefore comply with EN 60204 and DIN VDE 0113
  • 2/3 less CO2 is generated during the production of a HYDROPOL® machine frame compared with a GG frame
  • Environmentally friendly (eluate class 1); no separate disposal required


Density: up to 2,500 kg/m³
Modulus of elasticity: up to 60,000 N/mm²
Pressure-resistant: up to 100 N/mm²

HYDROPOL® plus - our answer for special applications! HYDROPOL® plus is an enhancement of our HYDROPOL® products with optimiced damping features for extremely quiet running. 



Density: up to 2,500 kg/m³ 
Modulus of elassticity: up to 45,000 N/mm²
Pressure-resistant: up to 60 N/mm²


Density: 1,600 up to 2,100 kg/m³
Modulus of elasticity: up to 35,000 N/mm²
Pressure-resistant: up to 40 N/mm²


Density: up to 1,200 - 1,600 kg/m³
Modulus of elasticity: up to 15,000 N/mm²
Pressure-resistant: up to 20 N/mm²


HYDROPOL® super light is one of the lightest Hydropol with a density of 700 kg/m³. Due to its low specific weight, HYDROPOL® super light is particularly suited to dynamic components such as carriages, slides and bed carriages. Despite its low density, super light has high dampening values.


Density: up to 700 - 800 kg/m³

Modulus of elasticity: up to 5,000 N/mm²

Pressure-resistant: up to 10 N/mm²



Hydropol dämpft Vibrationen dort, wo sie entstehen.


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