Torch Cutting Machine (light)

type: BSE

framag's torch cutting machine type BSE is designed for the use in slab discharge areas for cutting of slabs in length and cross direction. Edge detection and cutting to the designated length will be done fully automatically.

The new developed advanced EVOLUTION FCN-nozzle technology guarantees further improvement of the cutting quality and reduces the required cycle time by increased cutting speed. Material loss is minimized and yield increased due to smaller cutting gap.

for all dimensions

carbon steel
stainless steel grades

up to 500 mm/min
220 mm thickness
850 °C; Cequ = 0,13 %

  • smallest cutting gap by using of framag's new developed "EVOLUTION FCN-Nozzle"
  • optizmized yield and saving of money
  • perfect cutting quality and accuracy
  • highest cutting speed and shortest cycle time
  • shortest length of cut slabs are possible
  • lowest gas and oxygen consumption due to minimized cutting cycle time
  • almost maintenance free operation

FCN 150

FCN 300

material quality

carbon steel   

carbon steel




material temperature (°C)   



material thickness (mm)

100 / 150

220 / 250

cutting speed (mm/min)

650 / 570

500 / 450

cutting kerf (mm)

4 - 5

5 - 7


FCN 150 for nominal thickness of 200 mm
FCN 300 for nominal thickness of 350 mm

Cutting Nozzle EVOLUTION

Brennschneiddüse EVOLUTION

Due to the further optimized nozzle technology framag is able to minimize the cutting kerf through the complete range of cutting thicknesses even by improved cutting quality and increased cutting speed. The utility consumption (cutting oxygen, heating gas and oxygen) can be reduced too.

The FCN-cutting nozzle EVOLUTION can be used to cut carbon steel as well as stainless steel grades. Up to a nominal cutting thickness of 200 mm framag advice the FCN 150 while FCN 300 is developed for nominal cutting thicknesses up to 350 mm.

Certificated quality



Our employees are responsible for the quality of our products . The highly trained fitters and welders connect the components according to different standards .

If you want we can issue a special certificate for our welded parts.


Video BSE 4-CNC

Dillinger Hütte, Dillinger AG (Germany)
Typ: BSE 4-CNC

Video BSE-1P/Q(L)

NLMK (Russland)
Cutting of samples with stamping unit
Type: BSE-1P/Q(L)
Cutting thickness: max. 300 mm

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