Hydropol 4.0

View of the machine component

Clever positioning of selected sensors - such as temperature or vibration sensors - in the test rigs enables a wide range of data to be collected and evaluated. These sensors can be mounted exactly where meaningful data for critical systems states is expected in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

This creates transprency in the production process and enables quick responses to changes in operating states or ambient conditions. Complete documentation also takes place to verify the quality of the production and manufactoring process.

Quality control

SHW Freisteller

Consistent measurement conditions should be used in test benches to prevent the measurement results from being distorted. The current behavior of the clamping plate must be known for this, among other things.

Reporting an Visualisation


The sensor data is collected, processed and transmitted using an industrial gateway. Depending on the wishes of the customer, this data can then be evaluated and visualised on different platforms (PC, mobile device, ...)