Condition Monitoring

Make your production smarter!


The framag condition monitoring system is a compact unit, which is mounted directly on the cutting torch. It can be retrofitted on existing torch cutting machines of any kind. The water-cooled box is designed for rough manufacturing environments and longevity. In addition to continuously checking the condition of the torch cutting equipment it can also support the process control and optimization. For example, the system detects the material edge and completion of the cut contact-free.

predictive maintenance for your torch cutting equipment


The system can be adjusted to the very specific tasks and needs of the customer. It works as a standalone solution with handheld devices such as tablets, mobile phones and laptops. Additionally the data can be transmitted by wire either directly to the machine PLC, the control center or a webserver.



  • Support your operators with a clear condition indication for each cutting torch
  • Get immediate alerts when critical process deviations occur
  • Predictive maintenance for the replacement of cutting nozzles
  • Ability to check system status, e.g. if the cutting flame is on
  • Replace or reduce wear of mechanical parts for material detection
  • Works as a standalone solution as well as fully integrated into the existing machine configuration