framag x:blade

sawing for the best

framag x:blade

To achieve the highest quality and performance goals in sawing technology, framag mobilises all resources, makes use of potential and focuses on one goal: the best cut.

Together with a renowned manufacturer of cutting tools, framag has not only consistently developed the modern saw blade in a development partnership, but has also created a saw blade with exchangeable teeth, wich more than fulfils user requirements.

The optimised carbide inserts for higher cutting speeds with increased tooth feed enable reduced cutting widths. This reduces cutting costs considerably.

  • cut a wide range of materials - including high-alloyed
  • different cross-section shapes can be cut
  • x:blade products are suitable for machines from all manufacturers
  • optimal availability with minimal logistics - no regrinding/sharpening
  • low operator costs/capital investment through reduced saw blade stock
  • high availability - minimal logistics

Optimised base body with damping slits for low-noise sawing and optimised service life

Precise bolting of the carbide inserts via patented, dirt-insensitive insert mounting

sintered, coated carbide insert

User-friendly assebly through colour-coding on the teeth with left and right chip breaker grooves

Easy replacement of the individual teeth directly on the sawing machine (minimal time wastage and short downtimes)

Teeth screwed to a defined torque prevent cracks in the steel blade