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HYDROPOL® is a welded steel construction filled with a vibration-damping material, perfect as a supporting structure for your tooling machine.

There is also another clear advantage to using framag machine foundation frames: we engineer the machine frame to prevent the need for complicated and time-consuming modifications on the existing concrete foundation. This saves lots of time and money.

Your advantages:

  • no extensive changes to the existing boundation
  • vibration damping with HYDROPOL®
  • short processing times
  • cost savings due to minimal downtimes
  • top quality
  • customer-specific design
  • zero-point clamping system can be integrated
  • consulting and engineering
  • exact levelling of the machine foundation

No building work is necessary thanks to the use of framag machine beds. Existing foundation anchors and supports can be reused. This sves time and money!

Clamping plate fields can be extended accurately and installed quickly and easily. This removes the need for long downtimes.

framag design engineers are able to optimise the machine bed to meet your requirements using the Finite Elemente Simulation. This enables the addition of media channels in the bed or colum for heating or cooling. The finished comonents can be assembled immediately on-site. There is no need for extensive changes to the existing concrete foundation with long drying times.

framag is an expert partner for machinery modifications. Modern manufacturing equipment and specially trained staff guarantee perfect engineering quality from roduction right through to installation for over 40 years.  

A comprehensive experimental modal analysis conducted by the TU Vienna and the IWB at the TU of Munich was able to demonstrate that HYDROPOL® achieves the best damping values by some distance when compared with other materials.


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