Quality at framag

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Quality has an important role in our company. Our products deliver outstanding features and by that we can provide our customers with a competitive edge for their market. To live up to our high quality standards we rely on the latest production technology and comprehensive quality management. With 40 years of experience as a supplier for high-technology industries and OEMs, we know what matters – be it milling, turning, grinding and sawing machines, special purpose machinery or test rig applications.

We are more than happy to satisfy our customers with our quality standards and regularly receive positive feedback through supplier evaluations. We can proudly look at a number of top-evaluations and always focus on being a reliable partner for our customers.

Holistic Approach to Quality Management

At framag, quality does not start at quality control. While selecting our raw material and suppliers we already make sure that high quality standards are met. So we can make sure that only the most suitable material is used for the production of our products. Our well-trained and competent employees aim for the best-suited design in regards to the application to guarantee highest functionality. As we have extensive experience regarding the effects of different ambient conditions and influences on machine parts and critical processes, we can support our customers in the early stages of the product development of a complex machine.

Manufacturing Quality

Highest precision and perfect realization – that is our aspiration for the manufacturing of products. And we continuously set ourselves new goals to become even better and provide the best solutions available on the market.

Our staff is well trained and attaches high importance to its work, which is also regularly verified by authorities. Our welders are certified by the TÜV organization and are working according to their motto “our weldings last – a machine life and longer”.

Investments in modern means of production make sure we have the best preconditions for the manufacturing of your products. Examples of the latest acquirements are


  • Temperature and moisture control and automated high-speed doors for the machining departments to prevent thermal distortion

  • Milling center with active shock absorption for highest precision

  • New construction of a manufacturing and assembly building, equipped with the latest equipment


Quality Assurance

To be able to prove our quality we have a good assortment of measuring and testing equipment. Our certified quality technicians measure, examine and test our products in detail and with caution before issuing the quality seal and giving the approval for shipping. We measure, test and document our parts and products with these tools:

  • 3D-photogrammetric survey

  • electronic autocollimators

  • digital and analog leveling devices

  • digital height measurement system

  • measuring equipment made of natural hard stone

  • certified gauge sets

  • inside and outside micrometers

  • caliper and depth caliper gauges

  • cross-cutting, hardness, coating thickness and roughness depth testing equipment

  • plug and thread gauges, thread ring gauges


Our quality technicians are highly skilled and receive continuous training to master state-of-the-art tools and methods. An excerpt of the qualifications and certifications of our staff:

  • certified measurement with autocollimators

  • certified quality specialists

  • certified quality technicians

  • certification in non-destructive testing