Investitionen in Wachstum & Beschäftigung

Durch die neue Fahrständerfräsmaschine ist es möglich die Qualitätssicherung direkt in einzelne Fertigungsschritte zu integrieren und dadurch die Durchlaufzeiten wesentlich zu reduzieren. Das wiederum führt zu einer Erhöhung des Outputs (ohne Qualitätsabfall) und somit zur Stärkung unserer Wettbewerbsposition im hart umkämpften Markt.


Dieses Projekt wird aus Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung kofinanziert.


Nähere Informationen zu IWB/EFRE finden Sie auf www.efre.gv.at

More than 40 years framag

Success means we're right: worldwide

"We are a modern high-tech company and our customers demand high accuracy from us. In order to meet these demands we need highly qualified employees. From engineering and cutting to metalworkers, welders, fitters, stock removal and assembly, the work is always precise", said Mr Haas, CEO of framag. "Together we will continue to impress our customers with tailored solutions, engineered and made by framag, and steadily pursue our growth strategy!”

About framag

performance for the long haul

When we talk about solutions, we also approach our various tasks as an important challenge: Identification with the goals of our clients, an understanding of international market conditions and performance in the application technology. We take the extra step to be close to our customers.

This is why framag is the partner for customer-oriented solutions in saw- and flame-cutting technology, or when vibrations must be damped at their point of origin. Our know-how lets us guarantee long-term performance!

Issued Customer Statements


Neue Überschrift

Commissioning of Layer Saw KKS 1250L

The generous amount of space in our new production facility comes in handy, especially during assembly for the preliminary acceptance tests. In this case, we have set up a layer saw for steel tubes and periphery exceeding 25 meters including inlet ...

Impressions of the finished production site

Luftaufnahme Firmengebäude

Impressions of the new production site in Frankenburg. Highlights of the new building at the company's headquaters are cranes for handling parts up to 100 tons and a photovoltaic plant on the roof used for heating, cooling and lighting using ...

New company building opened

v.l. Roland Maly, Bgm. Heinz Leprich, Roland Haas

After a construction period of around 8 months, the new framag company building was opened in a small group. "Unfortunately, the big opening planned for early June had to be canceled due to the applicable corona regulations - but will be ...