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Machine foundations - Structural components for mechanical engineering

HYDROPOL® ist der innovative Werkstoff für den Maschinenbau

framag has THE tailor-made solution. From finite element simulation to vibration-damping composite materials to the highest machining precision, framag is number 1 in the field of vibration damping.

HYDROPOL® is the innovative material for mechanical engineering. State-of-the-art processing machines and a perfect system for "conditioned temperature and ambient conditions" for all components in the manufacturing process enable processing accuracy of up to 4 µm (depending on the workpiece). In this way we ensure the damping of vibrations precisely where they arise: at the contact point between tool and workpiece. That is what matters!

In the field of machine tools, framag engineers and manufactures machine frames on customer request. framag designers are able to optimize 3D designs using the finite element simulation method. HYDROPOL® - a composite material made of steel and a special filler with excellent damping behavior as well as maximum machining accuracy make framag the number 1 in the field of vibration technology and vibration damping.

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