Sawing systems for the highest demands

Circular saws with unique advantages for your company

Vibration damping & precision through HYDROPOL®

High cutting speed & optimum cutting performance

System design for industrial 24/7 requirements

FEM calculation for the optimal design of the system

Fast and highest reliable service

System monitoring by remote maintenance

framag Sägetechnik

One step ahead with framag

Tailor-made sawing systems offer you a clear advantage in the areas of finishing, in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry and as well in the processing industry.


Our solutions depending on your requirements range from individual components and conversions to complete turnkey solutions.


The engineering capacity at framag is constantly being expanded. Our designers create 3D designs based on finite element simulation. In this way, static, dynamic, or thermal deformations of components are already considered even before the design phase starts.


This process and our HYDROPOL® Machine bed enables extremely long service lives and sustainable maximum precision in your application process

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framag billet saws

Compact & large systems for your application

  • vertikale oder horizontale Arbeitsrichtung
  • Modelle KKS500 bis KKS1000 auch in kompakter Bauweise


  suitable for material dimensions  
machine type round block saw blade diameter
KKS 500 180mm 170mm 400-630mm
KKS 800H 250mm 250mm 630-900mm
KKS 800 290mm 265mm 710-900mm
KKS 1000 380mm 350mm 910-1150mm
KKS 1250 435mm 400mm 1100-1350mm
KKS 1430 510mm 470mm 1350-1530mm
KKS 1600 650mm 600mm 1530-1850mm
KKS 2000 760mm 705mm 1750-2230mm

carbon steel, stainless steel

tensile strength: up to 2000N/mm²

framag circular saw - KKS500 compact

framag layer saws

Sawing technology for highest requirements

machine type layer width saw blade diameter
KKS 1000L 650mm 910-1150mm
KKS 1250L 850mm 1100-1350mm
KKS 1430L 1000mm 1350-1530mm
KKS 1600L 1100mm 1530-1850mm
KKS 2000L 1300mm 1750-2230mm

carbon steel, stainless steel

tensile strength: up to 2000N/mm²

framag layer saws - circular saws - steel industry

framag rail saw & drilling systems

Drilling and sawing of rails in one production step

machine type rail profile number of drill spindles saw blade diameter
KKS 800S 200 x 200mm 0 630-810mm
KKS 800SB1 200 x 200mm 1 630-810mm
KKS 800SB2 200 x 200mm 2 630-810mm
KKS 800SB3 200 x 200mm 3 630-810mm
KKS 800SB6 200 x 200mm 6 630-810mm

carbon steel

tensile strength: up to 2000N/mm²

framag rail saw - drilling systems

framag sample saws

Cutting of sample material in automatic cycle

machine type material dimensions saw blade diameter
KKS 800P 450 x 100mm 710-900mm
KKS 1000P 450 x 150mm 910-1150mm
KKS 1250P 550 x 200mm 1100-1350mm

carbon steel, stainless steel

tensile strength: up to 2000N/mm²

sample saws - steel industry | framag KKS

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