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Interessiertes Fachpublikum lässt sich auf der EMO in Hannover von den Vorteilern der HYDROPOL®-Produkte überzeugen. Der von framag patentierte Spezialfüllstoff HYDROPOL® kommt sowohl in Maschinengrundgestellen als auch in Aufspannplattenfeldern zum Einsatz.

Selbst nahmhafte deutsche Autohersteller setzen auf Qualitätsprodukte aus dem Hause framag. 

Überzeugen auch Sie sich von der Top-Qualität unserer Produkte und besuchen Sie uns auf unserem Messestand auf der EMO in Hannover (Halle 16, Stand C01). Wir beraten Sie gerne!

Dillinger relies on state-of-the-art flame-cutting technology

Dillinger Hütte

The requirements of Dillinger Hüttenwerke (Dillinger) for framag were clear: A CNC flame-cutting machine had to be designed, that was capable of longitudinal and transverse cutting, as well as contour cutting (circles, round blanks and tooth bar profiles) and trimming.


The flame-cutting machines from framag are equipped with a Siemens PLC as standard. Because BURNY controls are already in use for existing CNC machines at the customer, this control had to be integrated in the system for the CNC application.


The big challenge was to install the two control types (Siemens PLC for longitudinal and transverse cutting and BURNY for the CNC application) so that the operator can control the entire system from one operating panel and can switch between the individual controls.


With the new EVOLUTION nozzle technology from framag, we can guarantee material cost savings for the customer in advance thanks to a comparably small cut gap. The large material spreads meant that a height-adjustable and swivelling flame-cutter was required, as the slabs have to be sharpened for further processing.


Both slabs (max. cutting thickness 400 mm, max. cutting width 4000 mm, max. slab length 12000 mm) and blocks (max. cutting thickness 1000 mm, max. cutting width 2500 mm, max. slab length 6000 mm) are cut with a material temperature of up to 400 °C.

"framag is a competent partner. The communication in the project phase was very good and all our requirements were met to our complete satisfaction. The installation and commissioning were also carried out extremely professionally. The framag flame-cutting system delivers a good performance", says a delighted Peter Conrad from Dillinger in response to the successful project.


Thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde relies on saw technology from framag

KKS 1600 für Thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde GmbH

The requirements of thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde GmbH for the saw manufacturer from Frankenburg were clear: An old sawing system had to be replaced and the new saw needed to be integrated in the existing production line. The goal was to achieve a high level of process reliability and a good cutting result on quenched and tempered steels (e.g. 42CrMo4) and construction steels.


Using state-of-the-art technology, the colleagues at framag engineered a KKS 1600 cold circular saw that cuts round materials with a diameter up to 600 mm and a length of 6,000 – 10,000 mm precisely and reliably up to a maximum weight of 23 to (out-of-roundness up to 1.5 %). A special 3-point clamping device, combined with a table height adjustment system, supports the material optimally during cutting.


The newly developed hydraulic saw blade damping patented by framag improves the smooth running of the saw blade, which also has a positive effect on the service life of the saw blade. The cut becomes more even overall, with a minimal cut gap.


"framag is a competent partner. The communication in the project phase was very good and all our requirements were met to our complete satisfaction. The installation and commissioning were also carried out extremely professionally. The agreed acceptance criteria were met without any problems", says a delighted H. Tschich (Dr. Ing.) from thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde GmbH.

The compact heavyweight

Performance at the highest level

KKS 500 von framag

The new KKS 500 series from framag features a compact design (saw station dimensions: 2100 x 3200 x 2200 mm) and a mass of 9 tonnes, making it a heavyweight that is ideal for use in heavy industry (dust, dirt, three-shift operation) and in forging. The hydraulic pipework and the electrical cables are maintenance-free and integrated in the machine bed for the best protection from damage - a concept that has been proven over decades of use. The remaining machine components are all easily accessible and easy to maintain.


The Hydropol® designed by the framag engineering team was designed in a special type of concrete and adapted specifically for high-performance use with optimal attenuation of vibrations occurring during cutting processes. This also has a positive influence on the cutting performance. The billet support from below and the horizontal and vertical tensioning provide the ideal three-point tensioning and especially increase output for curved billet and extend tool service life. Chips are reliably deflected by guide plates to the integrated chip conveyor.


An additional benefit is the self-centring saw blade damping. With the smooth-running saw blade, the cut gap is minimised and material loss is reduced. The saw blade drive has an output of 45 kW, which enables cutting speeds of up to 400 m/min. High quantities and high machine availability are guaranteed as a result. Depending on the saw blade, the machine can be used to cut all materials ranging from non-alloy construction steels to high-alloy special steels and stainless steel.


The modular design of the machine makes it expandable and adaptable to the given requirements with infeed and outfeed periphery equipment.

Ausgezeichneter Erfolg bei Lehrabschlußprüfung

Thomas Purrer auf seinem neuen Arbeitsplatz an der Fräsmaschine.

„Ich bin froh, dass ich es jetzt endlich hinter mir habe“, freut sich Thomas Purrer, Zerspanungstechniker-Lehrling bei der Firma framag Industrieanlagenbau in Frankenburg über seinen ausgezeichneten Erfolg bei der Lehrabschlußprüfung.


Fritz Zoister, Lehrlingsausbildner bei framag: „Wir sind stolz darauf, dass wir so fleissige Lehrlinge haben. Thomas, der bereits in den letzten Monaten an der Fräsmaschine mitgearbeitet hat, wird ab sofort fix auf dieser Maschine übernommen.“

Hydropol® - a special compound material

test benches with framag inside

The material Hydropol®, developed by framag, was originally used in machine tool construction for its excellent damping properties. Hydropol® has now also proven itself as a material for base frames and test benches.

The base frames produced by framag, also known as T-slot fields, are used in a wide array of industries. Hydropol® components put their full array of properties on display wherever vibration must be prevented. framag base plates are thus also employed in research and development for Formula 1, the pinnacle of motor sports.

The base frames are used for precise machining and measuring at research facilities and automobile manufacturers, as well as for load test rigs for machine tools.

Our base frames form the base for test benches on which all types of drives and more are tested. Requirements for measuring accuracy constantly increase, so test benches must also become ever more accurate. The filling material Hydropol® is up to these demands, since it has very high damping properties and high mass, thus minimizing vibration. Depending on need, these components can be manufactured of conventional or high-strength steel, as well as stainless steel. Apertures for channels, such as for extraction systems, hoses, energy, refrigerant, etc., can also be incorporated. Smaller frames and sub-frames are also produced in the Hydropol method, serving as holders for objects on the test bench. The dimensions and number of base frames have no upper limit – components of more than 100m² have recently been supplied.

framag has been performing calculations with the finite-element approach for years. Dynamic calculations are conducted particularly with regard to test benches and base frames. These include modal analysis to determine natural frequencies and swing molds. Secondary insulation as well as decoupling via air or steel springs can also be taken into account. The drives and test objects on the test bench make the test bench oscillate. Dynamic frequency analyses are performed to determine the generated vibration displacements, speeds and accelerations. This ensures that vibration speeds on the base frame remain within approved parameters.

Framag Sawing Technology For Schöller Bleckmann

KKS 1000

In 2012 framag, a company supplying the latest cold circular saws for all types of steel, was commissioned by Schöller Bleckmann Oilfield Technology GmbH (SBOT) to replace the existing 2 band saws with a new, ultra-modern KKS 1000 cold circular saw.

The aim was to reduce the cutting time for the high- and ultra-high-alloyed steels to be cut at SBOT, while at the same time increasing the service life of the saw blades.

Both the price/performance ratio offered and the results achieved in previous test cuts with the material used prompted SBOT to award the contract for supplying the sawing system to framag.

The KKS 1000 is a cold circular saw suitable for a maximum diameter of the billet to be split of up to 380 mm and is capable of efficiently sawing low-alloyed to high-alloyed steels with short cycle times resulting in high productivity. The system is equipped with a saw blade with brazed teeth and an additional coating. Any slivers of material that are stuck to the saw blade are removed with a brush and the blade cooled. The complete sawing cycle, including feeding of the billets and removal of the finished cut parts, is fully automated.

During commissioning of the system in 2013 and over a period of about 6 months following that, the cutting parameters and the tooth geometry of the saw blades used were perfected such that the tools of the cold circular saws now have a service life that is roughly 200% longer than those of the previous band saws.

The newly installed cold circular saw from framag also boasts roughly 100% higher productivity than the two previous band saws combined.

The cold circular saw supplied by framag has enabled SBOT to saw the challenging material grades that are required for drill rods by suppliers to the oil industry both efficiently, cost-effectively and with a high cut quality.

Mr Ehn (Production Manager at SBOT): “The framag saw was ordered following tests which showed it to be the best saw in terms of cut quality, blade service life and automatic operation. The KKS 1000 model is used in place of three band saws. After a year of operation, the decision has proved to be the right one.”